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Insight Pest Solutions Customer ReviewsInsight Pest Solutions takes great pride in their service and stands behind theirwork with some of the best guarantees in the industry.  One of the best ways to motivate our people and to improve the way we do business is through customer feedback.  Your opinion matters to us and we appreciate your time in providing your feedback on what you enjoyed about our service.

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Customers come to Insight Pest Solutions for their quality service and high level of customer satisfaction.
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Insight Pest Solutions

Absolutely great service!!!

I started using Insight about 6 months ago. I signed up with them because I wanted my ants and spiders gone. I have always tried getting rid of them myself with stuff you buy from the store. That stuff never seemed to work. I was searching for a company to use on the internet and came across them. I really have not heard of them before, but I figured I would give them a shot. When I called in to setup service, the gentleman I spoke with was very knowledgeable on insects and rodents. He signed me up for a one year agreement with a 90 day guarantee in between my services. I was very hesitant at first because I do not like to sign contracts/agreements. I am so glad I did though! I had a problem with mice getting in my garage and kitchen a couple weeks ago. I called the office and they got someone out to my house that day to take care of my problem. Not only did they place traps, they also figured out how they were coming in and sealed that area off! I am now mouse free and also spider free! I would strongly recommend this company for those of you in search for a great pest control service!

Rating by: Gina – 1/10/2012 : 5.0 stars

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